Leaving California 2021

Kelly Corsino
Kelly Corsino
Published on September 22, 2021

If you are leaving California 2021, this video will give you a good look at where a lot of folks from California are going in 2021.
Leaving the golden state is never going to be an easy choice, but in this episode, I’ll be chatting with the #1 relocation specialist in Georgia; Karin Carr from the Georgia Coast Homes Team.
Karin left California a while back and she knows first hand what it’s like and she helps folks like you everyday with your search in Georgia to find the perfect home in the perfect part of the state!

I might be your Realtor IF, you like:

Hybrid driving, intuitive tree hugger who knows how to negotiate and close a deal that serves all!
Other noteworthy assets:
Obsessive attention to detail
Can sing and will sing anytime, anywhere.
Willing servant to a rescue dog named GG
Marvel Comic fanatic (Yes, I said FANATIC)
Ability to laugh at life when sh#t goes sideways, cuz every once in a while, it just does (can you say pandemic?)
Ardent student of life
Breathing in Love. Breathing out Love.

If that sounds like your jam, let’s connect!

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